We're a family of farmers

As a buyer at the Karachi Farmers Market, you should know that all vendors have been checked out personally by the organisers.

In order to achieve the aims we have set for ourselves (read our group description), all vendors that participate in the market agree to abide by the same aims.

Some of the things we look at when we visit a vendor are: whether they have conducted any soil or water tests, what the source of their water is, if any chemicals have been used to grow their produce and how recent, etc. We also consider how the vendor may be contributing to the betterment of the environment in their working model, such as supporting biodiversity, waste management practices and making an effort towards soil improvement. In addition, the partnerships within each set up such as wages and working conditions are also made a note of. We only welcome vendors who we feel are forthcoming about their production and transparent about their operations. We urge you to visit them too and see for yourselves!

We also don’t believe a certification/evaluation process is complete without your – the consumer’s – feedback. An important aspect of our quality assurance is our active practice of including your voice in our assessment, which is why we call it a social certification. This means your experience of the products sold at the market is shared with the producers to encourage a better food partnership and satisfaction for both parties. Our endeavour is about building a dialogue and equitable relationships between consumers and vendors so we all work towards better nutrition and sustainable production models.

We understand that it will be a while before we can be fully organic and ecologically sound, however vendors on board KFM are like minded people working towards just that. We have arrived at a sustainability score for each vendor so that you may know how green their operation is and put that into your purchasing consideration. We have chosen to assess sustainability as that is an even more comprehensive approach to food production and health than organic is. And we have set a minimum score of 30 percent for eligibility to participate in our market.

Our valuation system has been derived from the SAFA (Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems) tool based on which we do not allow vendors falling short of a certain minimum score. We have developed this valuation system with the help of Organic Pakistan and Islamabad Farmers Market founder Qasim Tareen, who has received training from Denmark. Qasim is also one of the co-founders of KFM.

Should you have any queries, suggestions or any good/bad experience to share please contact us. We would love to hear from you!