Sundried Onions- 100g

by Shirakat Enterprise

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Sundried Onions, Air-fried in Olive Oil.
Chopped Onions- Washed and Dehydrated.

Our deliciously sweet dehydrated onion flakes can be used in numerous eastern and western dishes, including casseroles, stews, biryani, soups, kofta etc.
They have a very mild flavor, and take all the work out of preparation.
Just add a small amount while you are cooking, and they’ll plump up to be tender onion dices.
After using our dry onion flakes, you’ll probably never peel another one again!

Our dehydrated products are:
– Extremely lightweight
– Take up less storage space
– Shelf-stable
– Equally good for all recipes
-Fun for taste buds


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A project of Shirakat,  a non-governmental organization working on human rights and women’s rights in Pakistan.


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