Gaster (Herbal Gripe Water)- 500 ml

by Kashan Foods

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Gaster is a herbal gripe water for children, with no chemicals added. It is a 100% natural hydrolsol of Cardamom (Elaichi), Dill (Sua) and Fennel (Saunf).

Dill is known as a carminative as it eases gas pains, bloating and settles the stomach. It is known to help children specially new born ones suffering colic. Dill Water is combined with Fennel Water and Cardamom Water to create special effects.

Fennel Water helps provide protection from multiple pathogens and help keep infants healthy. Your baby might be constantly farting or suffering from a bloating sensation in the stomach, which are all indicative of the digestive system working incorrectly. Fennel water helps relieve the symptoms. When any gas remains present in the stomach, it can start causing painful cramps in the child. If a baby cannot pass a fart, he might start crying uncontrollably. In such a case, fennel water can be quite effective in reducing the instances of such colic problems from occurring, alleviate indigestion, it works great in diarrhea conditions.

Cardamom Water is effective against bacterial strains that contribute to fungal infections, food poisoning and stomach issues.

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