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Beri-Apple Honeygar (Kashan Foods) 400 ml

Rs. 1,200

This drink has been prepared by adding low sugar content ORGANIC Beri Honey to the organic Apple Vinegar. Beri honey can be taken by diabetics as it is a low sugar honey. It is good for controlling cough and cold, is quite effective in pneumonia. It is a good tonic.

Following are the general benefits of using HONEYGAR.

·         Supports digestion  & weight loss

·         Reduces Cholesterol

·         Removes toxins from the body

·         Helps manage arthritis

·         Improves liver function

·         Does blood cleansing

·         Promotes healthy skin

·         Fights against Cancer

·         Boosts energy and, a lot more benefits

 Beri-Apple Honeygar by Kashan 400 Millilitres.


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