We're on a mission

We are what we eat. Urban life fed by remote commercial food production where quantity, uniformity and shelf life are favoured over nutrient value has left us with very few wholesome options for food. This has had a detrimental effect on our collective health and the health of the environment which sustains us.

The Karachi Farmers Market (KFM) aims to link consumers directly with fresh, locally produced, organically grown and naturally processed food. At KFM consumers and producers can meet in person in order to aid transparency as well as sense of accountability on part of the producers. It is also a platform for responsible producers to have direct market access whereby they may see better financial returns for their efforts. Informed consumers have the power to drive the market towards beneficial change and we hope this trend towards organic food production will see a revival in Pakistan as more and more people opt for healthier lifestyles.

Besides raising awareness and creating the opportunity to feed ourselves and our families better, KFM also promotes self reliance by encouraging citizens to set up their own small scale kitchen gardens and urban homesteads. We believe food security is one of the most pressing needs of our time and establishing KFM is a small step towards preparing ourselves for food sovereignty.

Finally, by bringing like minded people together and fostering a local organic community we hope to secure these food networks for our future generations.

KFM thanks Muhammad Ali, digital marketing and analytics professional, for his help in setting up our website.

Our Quality Assurance: As a buyer at the Karachi Farmers Market, you should know that all vendors have been vetted using SAFA (Sustainable Food and Agriculture Assessment) guidelines.

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